Arbortext Editor

Arbortext Editor, formerly known as Epic Editor, is the worlds most commonly used XML editor for authoring.

Arbortext Editor has grown to become the worlds mostly used XML editor and for some very good reasons. The main differentiators are:

  • A user friendly interface that reminds of other Windows applications
  • Easy to integrate with databases
  • Best in class import and export tools

Arbortext Editor is not only a a great XML-authoring tool but it is also the foundation of the Arbortext family of products making the process of structured XML-authoring work with less effort.

Features of Arbortext Editor

The Arbortext Editor is part of the Arbortext Dynamic Publishing family. The suite offers you an entire solution for your dynamic publishing needs.

When you need a comprehensive single source XML-authoring tool Arbortext Editor delivers. It is built to make the user feel at home in different environments, whether it is working together with Windchill or with Simonsoft CMS. With Arbortext Editor your XML-authoring is single sourced and gives your authors a structured authoring environment. This will benefit the work flow tremendously.

Please call us up or e-mail us if you want to know more about what Arbortext Editor and its product family can offer you.