The standard IsoDraw CAD Process training spans three days and includes the following and more.

Day 1 2D

  • Get to know the User interface
  • Draw in IsoDraw, use tools and advanced 2D features
  • Use the library/create templates
  • Create callouts/BOM balloons in IsoDraw

Day 2 3D

  • Get to know the 3D features
  • Open 3D models
  • Scale, move, transform, explode your 3D model
  • Convert 3D model to a 2D illustration
  • Use object information/structure from the 3D model

Day 3 workshop

Use your own models and create illustrations. Tips and tricks on how to get the most out of IsoDraw based on your processes.

This day is set up after your specific needs. Please prepare some sample documents and files that can be used (proe/iges/step/pvz/edz/dwg/dxf/jt).